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Table 1 (abstract P086). See text for description

From: Proceedings of the 25th European Paediatric Rheumatology Congress (PReS 2018)

Patient / Sex 1 / F 2 / F 3 / M 4 / F
Lung disease Bronchiolitis Obliterans with Organizing Pneumonia Surfactant Protein C-associated ILD Non-specific interstitial pneumonia Chronic bronchiectasis
Age at ILD onset (y) 16,9 2 14,4 10,9
Chest X-ray and scanner abnormalities Yes Yes Yes Yes
Diffusion trouble Yes Yes Yes No
Restrictive syndrome No No No No
Obctructive syndrome No Yes No No
Inflammatory alveolar liquid No Yes   No
Biologics Ritux Eta Eta, Toci, Aba, Inflix No
IV steroids Yes Yes No No