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Table 2 Key themes identified with Framework analysis

From: What do young people with rheumatic conditions in the UK think about research involvement? A qualitative study

• Young people’s experiences of research participation
◦ Experience of research participation as children
◦ Feedback on research participation
◦ Altruism as a motivator for research participation
• Beliefs about and experiences of young people being involved in research
◦ Motivations for involvement
◦ Role of experience of condition in involvement
◦ Experience of involvement
• Challenges to, and facilitators of, young people’s involvement
◦ Being taken seriously by and listened to by researchers
◦ Access to research and researchers
◦ Clear roles and importance of co-production
◦ Flexibility in involvement approaches
• Practical considerations when involving young people in research
◦ Timing of involvement
◦ Convenience of activity
◦ Role of incentives
◦ Patient-led versus researcher-led involvement