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Fig. 4

From: Clinical study of children with cryofibrinogenemia: a retrospective study from a single center

Fig. 4

Brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). a) MR angiogram showed right vertebral artery narrowing (arrow) (Case 3). b) Axial T2-weighted flair MRI imaging demonstrated hyper-intense lesion on the peri-ventricular white matter (TR/TE: 9002/135.4 ms) (Case 3). cf) Acute hemorrhagic encephaomyelitis (Case 8). Axial T2-weighted flair showed multiple hyper-intense with central hypo-intense lesions on the thalamus and white matter (T1-weighted flair: TR/TE: 2000/20 ms; T2-weighted flair: TR/TE: 8000/125 ms; ADC and DWI: TR/TE: 6000/72.89 ms)

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