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Table 9 Participants’ Beliefs regarding Health Services Research

From: What do young people with rheumatic disease believe to be important to research about their condition? A UK-wide study

Priority Example quotes
Reliance on specialist care F: I think it’s quite an important area because I would much prefer to be looked after under the specialist services, because they’ve really focused in that area and they know much more about it. Whereas when I was been diagnosed, when they were trying to find out what was wrong. I will go to the GP and they wouldn’t really know. It took me like 2 years because they were saying it will just be that (England 11–15)
Interest in other models of care and services F- If GPs knew more about the ways to treat it and things then lots of young people would be better treated by their GPs. Cause it’s much nearer to their homes. So like for me it takes an hour to get to the hospital..It would be much better if your GP could manage things for you (England 11–15)
F6- I think you should put more funding into putting children’s hospitals all of the country instead of just one in like the west midlands. For me it’s easier to get to the hospital because I live in Birmingham, but for others it’s like they are travelling for miles, going on a train (England 11–15)
Learning from good practice in terms of health services F: So maybe that’s for certain areas and not for everyone. Or maybe it is just learning the ways of how others, like X is good for that multi-disciplinary team, so the research is done into how that can be extended into other places, more than new research being done, just utilizing what is already there. (Wales 16–24)
  1. F Female, M Male; Country focus group undertaken in; age group