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Table 7 Participants’ Beliefs regarding Clinical medicine research

From: What do young people with rheumatic disease believe to be important to research about their condition? A UK-wide study

Priority Example quotes
Trials of new formulations of existing medicines M- I have methotrexate and humira, and I really, really get sick when I have my methotrexate. So I would probably try and develop one that doesn’t make you sick that is not chemotherapy based. (England 11–15)
Trials of new medications M- Your body starts developing antibodies against it and methotrexate knocks your immune system off so it doesn’t start developing antibodies. But I wish there was another source of doing that. So they need to find another route other than methotrexate and steroids (England 11–15)
Trials of psychosocial therapies F- But if there was to be things like talking therapies and everything then you get the chance to explain other ways that it actually affects you. You actually get to talk about how it affects, makes you feel and stuff like that. (England 16–24)
Differences in researchers and patients overall priorities F – Medication might be an important one we don’t like to take methotrexate because it makes us sick. Researchers are looking at what methotrexate does to joints. And where our thing is is that we are having to take them so we want that to be the priority. (Wales 16–24)
  1. F Female, M Male; Country focus group undertaken in; age group