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Table 1 Published prevalence rates of GI adverse effects associated with MTX in the treatment of JIA

From: Methotrexate-induced nausea in the treatment of juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Author Year published Study design Number of subjects Method of ascertainment MTX-intolerance due to GI effects Nausea with MTX Vomiting with MTX Anticipatory nausea
Bulatovic 2011 Cross-sectional 297 patients MISS 51% 64% 27% 9%
van Dijkhuizen 2015 Cohort study of new MTX initiators 142 patients MISS 42% (1 year incidence) (n/a) (n/a) (n/a)
Ruperto 2004 Randomized clinical trial of MTX 80 patients Direct questioning (n/a) 21% (monthly) 11% (monthly) (n/a)
Patil 2014 Survey 49 patients Questionnaire (n/a) 73% 43% 41%
Woo 2000 Randomized clinical trial of MTX 88 patients Direct questioning (n/a) 28% (monthly) (n/a) (n/a)
Mulligan 2013 Survey 171 parents Questionnaire (n/a) ~32% (weekly) 15% (weekly) 25% (weekly)
>35% (any)
Amin 2015 Survey 84 physicians Questionnaire (n/a) ~25% in first year (n/a)
  1. MTX methotrexate, GI gastrointestinal, MISS methotrexate intolerance severity score