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Table 2 Colonoscopy findings, clinical and laboratory data at time of diagnosis of IBD of the patients

From: Inflammatory bowel disease following anti-interleukin-1-treatment in systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Patient 1 2 3
Time between diagnoses of sJIA and IBD 0.9 years 4.4 years 4.7 years
Time between start of Anti-IL1 agent and IBD 0.9 years 2.2 years 4.4 years
Anti-IL1 agents, dosage Anakinra, 1.3 mg/kg Canakinumab, 1.8 mg/kg Anakinra, 0.7 mg/kg
Other medications None Cyclosporin A None
Colonoscopy, macroscopic findings Active, ulcerous ileitis and colitis, consistent with Crohn’s disease Active colitis from sigmoid to coecum, consistent with Crohn’s disease Colitis in colon descendens, consistent with ulcerative colitis
Colonoscopy, microscopic findings Granulomatous inflammation Inflammatory infiltrate Inflammatory infiltrate
Diarrhea Present Present Present
Macroscopic blood in stool Absent Absent Present
Ferritin 138 ng/ml
154 ng/ml
10 ng/ml
CRP 12.1 mg/dl
(< 0.8)
4.67 mg/dl
0.44 mg/dl
Calprotectin/stool Not available 877 μg/g
1264 μg/g
  1. normal values in parentheses