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Table 2 Spectrum of PRDs in 57 Nigerian children

From: Spectrum of paediatric rheumatic diseases in Nigeria

Pediatric rheumatic diseases Frequency (%)
Chronic inflammatory rheumatic diseases
 Juvenile idiopathic arthritis 28(49.1)
 Systemic onset JIA 5(17.8)
 Polyarticular JIA 14(50)
 Oligoarticular JIA 9(31.2)
Juvenile connective tissue diseases (JCTD)
 JSLE 14(24.6)
 Juvenile systemic sclerosis 2(3.5)
 Juvenile dermatomyositis 1(1.6)
 PM-SLE overlap 1(1.6)
Other rheumatic diseases
 Joint hypermobility syndrome 3(5.3)
 Isolated plantar fasciitis 2(3.5)
 Fibromyalgia 2(3.5)
 Juvenile autoimmune uveitis 1(1.6)
 Secondary osteoarthritis 1(1.6)
 Secondary osteoporosis 1(1.6)
 Osgood-Schlatter’s disease 1(1.6)
  1. JSLE juvenile systemic lupus erythematosus, PM-SLE overlap polymyositis-systemic lupus erythematosus overlap