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Table 1 Characteristics at presentation of children with atypical isolated oligoarticular juvenile idiopathic arthritis

From: Atypical monoarthritis presentation in children with oligoarticular juvenile idiopathic arthritis: a case series

Age at dx (ys) & gender Joint FU (ms) Duration of symptoms prior to dx (ms) Serology Imaging at presentation Treatment
X-ray MRI
14, F L hip 10 36 ANA-; RF -; B27+ Shortening of femoral neck, premature physis closure Synovitis, ↓ joint space, ↓ cartilage Naproxen, IAS x 2, MTX, Etanercept
9, F L hip 5 5 ANA+; RF-; B27+ Normal Synovitis, subchondral femoral head changes Indomethacin
16, F R wrist 10 8 ANA-; RF- B27* Normal Synovitis, bone cysts, erosion Naproxen, IAS x 3
9, F L elbow 5 11 ANA+; RF- B27* ↓ joint space, atrophy of the elbow complex Synovitis, ballooning of the humeral epiphysis, multiple erosions Naproxen, IAS
  1. ANA antinuclear antibody, B27 HLA-B27, B27*: HLA-B27 not done, dx diagnosis, F female, FU follow-up, IAS intra-articular steroid injection, L left, ms months, MRI magnetic resonance imaging, R right, RF rheumatoid factor, ys years