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Table 2 Sample quotations from participant post-iPeer2Peer program interviews

From: The iPeer2Peer Program: a pilot randomized controlled trial in adolescents with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

Female; 14 years old I liked that you are talking to someone who was older than you and who had already gone through high school, which I’m just starting now.
Female; 13 years old It was good because I’ve never talked to anyone close to my age about my arthritis. Um, so, that was interesting. And then like we had a lot in common about it. And then it was good cause like she gave me some information because I didn’t really know exactly what it – what arthritis is. So she talked a little bit about it to me and then she gave me some links…and I read about it on the Internet.
Female; 15 years old I liked, what I liked was that I was able to talk about school because I was heading to grade 12 next year and like by then like I wanted to make sure what I was doing, like when I was going into university and knowing what I needed to have and stuff. And so she was already in college so it was kind of good to know that someone like knows what they are doing and could help me.
Female; 12 years old The thing I liked the best was that, um, I had someone I could look up to and um, I could tell myself that if I stick with the route I'm going with arthritis I could turn it be like with the same courage. I would also be able to be determined to say that there is nothing that could stop me from doing whatever I want.
Male; 16 years old I think what I liked best was that I had someone who I could talk to about my arthritis who has had it before. I learned a little more about my arthritis, which I didn’t know so that was good because I actually went on a website and looked it up.