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Table 1 Yunus and Masi [5] diagnostic criteria for juvenile primary fibromyalgia syndrome

From: A pilot study of biomechanical assessment before and after an integrative training program for adolescents with juvenile fibromyalgia

Major Criteria
 1. Generalized musculoskeletal pain at three or more sites for three or more months
 2. No underlying medical condition
 3. Normal laboratory tests
 4. Five or more typical tender points
Minor Criteria
Presence of three of the following features:
 1. Chronic anxiety or tension
 2. Fatigue
 3. Poor sleep
 4. Chronic headache
 5. Irritable bowel syndrome
 6. Subjective soft tissue swelling
 7. Numbness
 8. Pain modulation by physical activities
 9. Pain modulation by weather factors
 10. Pain modulation by anxiety or stress