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Table 1 Study Characteristics

From: Does high level youth sports participation increase the risk of femoroacetabular impingement? A review of the current literature

Study Study Design Study Size Study Population Age (range, mean SD) FAI Type Method of Diagnosis Study definition of FAI
Siebenrock 2011 [12] Case Control 75 37 Elite Male Basketball players and 38 non-athletic controls Age 9–25 years (mean 17.6) cam-type deformity MRI Alpha angle of >55° from the 9 o’clock (posterior) to the 3 o’clock positions
Philippon, 2013 [14] Cohort 88 61 amateur male ice hockey player and 27 skiers Age 10–18 years (mean 14.5 hockey players) (mean 15.2 skiers) cam-type deformity MRI Alpha angle of >55°
Agricola, 2014 [15] Cohort with 2 year follow up 63 63 Elite Male soccer players Age 12–19 years (mean 14.4) cam-type deformity X-ray Alpha angle >60