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Table 5 Association between degree of synovitis and presence of osteochondral changes, synovial thickening, and enhancement ratios

From: MRI thresholds for discrimination between normal and mild temporomandibular joint involvement in juvenile idiopathic arthritis

  Osteochondral changes, N (%) Synovial thickening, mean, mm ER for synovial enhancement, mean Correlation between synovial ER and thickening ER for condylar enhancement, mean Correlation between synovial and condylar ER
Rheumatologic control N = 60 27 (45) 1.1 0.480 −0.220 0.148 0.329
Mild N = 40 32 (80) 1.9 1.045 0.335 0.396 0.443
Moderate/Severe N = 34 31 (91) 3.2 2.188 0.400 0.983 0.379
  1. Osteochondral changes are defined as the presence of at least one of the following: condylar flattening, subchondral cysts or articular surface erosions. The correlation between synovial enhancement ratios and synovial thickening as well as condylar enhancement ratios were calculated using the Spearman’s correlation coefficient for each subjective category of synovitis. N represents the number of TMJs