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Table 2 Parental responses about what they learned at camp

From: An evaluation of a juvenile idiopathic arthritis retreat for families

Themes Examples of representative quotes from parents
Learned how to encourage, support, and recognize my child Father – “We learned how to work together to encourage and help our son (brother) to accomplish difficult tasks”
Mother – “To remember to encourage him to always do his best”
Mother – “It is okay to push her + stop so much over protecting”
Pain management Mother – “The discussion [discussion] on pain management was excellent!”
Mother – “Some pain management skills + things to talk about”
Father – “The presentation on pain management from a psychological perspective was helpful”
Social support Father – “It helps to understand how other parents cope”
Mother – “We know the Arthritis Foundation is always there to support us”
Mother – “Just being with other families who are in the same shoes”
Staying positive/Encouragement “We learned to try our best and encourage each other with Alpine Tower”
“Encouragement and positive support and feedback”
“How to encourage and cheer for not only your family but others. Everyone is in this together. Not to the same extent, but still the same”
“To stay positive”
“How to get along together”
“I think my family learned to be more patient with each other”