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Table 1 Definition of Clinical Remission and Clinically Inactive Disease in JSLE

From: Defining clinical remission and clinically inactive disease in juvenile systemic lupus erythematosus (jSLE)

Construct Time frame Acceptable Use of Medications for Lupus Consensus
   Cortico steroids Immuno suppressives Preventive medications Medications to treat SLE damage  
Clinically Inactive Disease Time-point Yes Yes Yes Yes 94% (156/166)
Clinical Remission on Medication Time-period: ≥ 6 months Yes Yes Yes Yes 96% (159/166)
Clinical Remission on Preventive Medication Time-period: ≥ 6 montHs No No Yes Yes 95% (154/162)
Clinical Remission Off Medication Time-period: ≥ 12 months No No No Yes 86% (140/162)