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Table 1 Causes of acrocyanosis

From: Primary Raynaud's phenomenon in an infant: a case report and review of literature

Type of acrocyanosis Causes
Unilateral acrocyanosis  
  Local trauma/digital injury
  Local infection: Paronechia
  Raynaud's phenomenon
  Thoracic outlet syndrome
  Carpel Tunnel syndrome
  Cervical tumors compressing neurovascular bundle*
e.g. Neuroblastoma, stellate ganglion tumor
  Thromboembolism of arteries of palmar arch
  Reflex Sympathetic dystrophy
Bilateral acrocyanosis**  
  Benign acrocyanosis of infancy
  Raynaud's phenomenon
  Reflex sympathetic dystrophy
  Congenital cyanotic heart disease**
  Purpura fulminans
  1. *: Need to look for other signs of Horner's syndrome on the ipsilateral side of the face (ptosis, anhydrosis, miosis of pupil or unequal pupils, poor light reflex and enopthalmos);**: Need close clinical evaluation for presence of central cyanosis.