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Table 2 Imaging modalities in idiopathic sclerosing mesenteritis in children

From: Idiopathic sclerosing mesenteritis in paediatrics: Report of a successfully treated case and a review of literature

Pt no Barium studies CT
1 Displaced DC, Small bowel obstruction, splenomegaly NR
2 Initial normal, then thickened folds, segmentation of contrast material. NR
3 Normal NR
4 Mass displacing cecum &AC. NR
5 ------- NR
6 Mass & narrowing AC. NR
7 NR Heterogeneous, solid TM between spleen, left kidney and pancreas
9 Mass on medial AC NR
10 Normal NR
11 Narrowing of SC Soft Tm in mid abdomen around AC to DC. Retraction of TC, Dilated AC
12 NR NR
13 NR NR
14 NR Solid soft TM over the lower TC
15 NR E/o TM over the hepatic flexure
16 Tumor mass displacing the Splenic flexure NR
17 NR Mesenteric adenopathy
  1. DC; Descending colon, NR; Not reported, AC; Ascending colon, TM; Tissue mass SC; sigmoid colon, TC; Transverse colon.