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Table 1 Clinical manifestations and course of illness in 17 children with sclerosing mesenteritis

From: Idiopathic sclerosing mesenteritis in paediatrics: Report of a successfully treated case and a review of literature

Pt. no Author/year Age/Sex Presenting features/duration Treatment Outcome Special features (if any)
1 McGee [18](1965) 6/M A, Asc/unknown duration Sx Died ,3 weeks post surgery (Bacterial endocarditis ) No 'persistent fibrosis on autopsy.'
2 Soergel[16] (1966) 14/M A, WL, F/Recurrent symptoms over 12 yrs Sx Died ,12 yrs after initial symptom Steatorrhea, secondary amyloidosis
3 Black [19](1968) 8/F A, N, V, D, F, M/6 weeks Sx, Partial resection and ileocolostomy UR/NF ,5 mths Blunt trauma one week prior.
4 Spark[17](1971) 6/M A/M Two weeks Sx/Hemi colectomy with ileo colic anastomosis UR/NF ,9 mths ----------
5 Misaka [20](1977) 4/F A/C/V/Asc Sx/enterostomy with resection UR/NF ,12 mths -----------
6 Melo [21](1980) 13/F A, N, V, M Sx/hemicolectomy NR ----------
7 Dor (1982) 10/F F Sx/enterectomy, partial splenectomy and partial pancreatectomy NR SLE
8 Cakmak 22et. al (1986) 4/M A/C/F/V, acute onset Sx/Transverse laparotomy UR/NF, 20 mths. Recurrence after 2 weeks.
9 Jona [23](1987) 5/F A, F/7 days Sx/Right hemicolectomy UR/NF ,51/2 yrs Bacterial peritonitis.
10 Davis 24(1992) 3/M A, An, V/one day Sx/No resection. UR/NF 2 mths. Hemo Peritoneum
11 Ueda [25](1997) 12/F V, M/2 days SRAM UR/NF ,6 months Fulminant hep A with recurrent ascites
12 Ito [20] (1998) 8/M NR SRAM UR/NF, 9 years  
13 Hakguder 11(2000) 4/M A, N, An/Not specified SRAM UR/NF, 6 months. Meckels diverticulum
14 Kawano [20] (2003) 2/M F/1 month SRAM UR/NF ---------
15 Kawano [20] (2003) 4/M F, M/Not specified, SRAM UR/NF -----------
16 Kawano [20] (2003) 6/F F, M/Not specified SRAM UR/NF ----------
17 Our case (2008) 6/F A, V, WL, C/Recurrent episodes 6 months Sx, Steroids, Methotrexate UR/NF, 6 months. Methotrexate first reported pediatric case.
  1. Pt; Patient, A; Abdominal pain, An; Anorexia, Asc; Ascites, W; Weight loss, F; Fevers, M; Mass N/V; Nausea/Vomiting, C; Constipation, D; Diarrhoeas, Mtx; Methotrexate, St; Steroids, Sx; Surgery, SRAM; Surgical resection and anastomosis, UR; Uneventful recovery, NF; Normal follow up, NR; Not reported.