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Table 2 Data on pamidronate treatment, MRI response, MRI confirmed CRMO relapse, and follow-up

From: Dramatic pain relief and resolution of bone inflammation following pamidronate in 9 pediatric patients with persistent chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis (CRMO)

IVP dosing frequency  
   One day monthly (n) 6/9
   Three day cycle every 3 months (n) 3/9
Cumulative dose of pamidronate in mg/kg/year* 5.0 (4.5–9.5)
Time to > 90% MRI signal resolution after initial treatment (m)* 6.0 (2–12)
Number of IVP cycles required for > 90% MRI signal resolution* 5 (2–10)
Number of patients with clinical resolution of adjacent soft tissue swelling 5/5
Side effects from IVP  
   Myalgia and fever with first dose (n) 4/9
   Osteonecrosis of the jaw (n) 0/9
Duration of follow-up after first IVP (m)* 31.4 (24–54)
Number of patients who relapsed 4/9
Time from first IVP to relapse (m)* 12.3 (12–18)
Time to >90% MRI signal resolution after repeat IVP treatment for CRMO relapse (m) 2 (for all patients)
Extra-osseus manifestations during follow-up  
   Psoriasis/palmoplantar pustulosis/acne 0/9; 0/9; 1/9
   Synovitis/inflammatory bowel disease 0/9; 0/9
  1. *Data presented as median (range).
  2. MRI = magnetic resonance imaging.
  3. IVP = intravenous pamidronate treatment.
  4. n = number of patients.
  5. m = months.