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Table 2 Clinical characteristics at diagnosis of cervical spine arthritis and follow-up*

From: Cervical spine involvement in patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis - MRI follow-up study

Clinical characteristic At diagnosis At follow-up
Spontaneous pain (no. patients) 5 0
Torticollis (no. patients) 4 2
LROM** (no. patients) 13 9
ESR mm/1 hr. median (range) 25 (10–60) 10 (5–35)
Arthritis in extraspinal joints, median number of joints (range) 4 (0–40) 0 (0–35)
  1. *After a median duration of 2.1 years (range 0.5-8 years) of cervical spine arthritis.
  2. **All of them showed asymmetry of cervical spine movement.
  3. Abbr.: LROM limited range of motion.