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Table 1 Search strategy a

From: Prediction of methotrexate efficacy and adverse events in patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis: a systematic literature review

  Search algorithm PubMedb Embaseb Cochranec
#1 “Juvenile idiopathic arthritis” OR “juvenile chronic arthritis” OR “juvenile rheumatoid arthritis” OR “juvenile rheumatic arthritis” OR “childhood arthritis” OR “juvenile arthritis” OR JIA OR JCA OR JRA 7,844 10,906 296
#2 Methotrexate OR MTX OR “disease-modifying antirheumatic drug” OR “disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs” OR “disease-modifying anti rheumatic drug” OR “disease-modifying anti rheumatic drugs” OR DMARD OR DMARDs 34,919 50,157 5,251
#3 #1 AND #2 662 1,229 64
  1. aSearch performed on 20 April 2014.
  2. bIn PubMed and Embase terms were searched in title and abstract only.
  3. cIn The Cochrane Library terms were searched in title, abstract and keywords only.