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Table 5 Serious adverse events by current NSAID treatment

From: Safety of celecoxib and nonselective nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in juvenile idiopathic arthritis: results of the phase 4 registry

Patient ID Current medication Onset-resolution (daya) Reported description Outcome Action taken (study medication) Causality
A nsNSAID 729–733 Cellulitis Resolved No action taken Other: spider bite
B nsNSAID 478–481 Benign fibrohistiocytic lesions with giant cells Resolved No action taken Other: idiopathic hip pain
C nsNSAID 303–307 Appendicitis Resolved No action taken Other: appendicitis
D nsNSAID 27–N/A Unintended pregnancy Unknown Permanently discontinued Other: pregnancy
E nsNSAID 33–39 Meningitis Resolved with sequelae Permanently discontinued Other illness: infection—probably viral
F nsNSAID 160–167 Fever and neutropenia Resolved with sequelae Stopped temporarily Other illness: mycoplasma infection
F nsNSAID 161–167 Agranulocytosis Resolved with sequelae No action taken Other illness: mycoplasma infection
G nsNSAID 236–288 Infection musculoskeletal septic arthritis Resolved Stopped temporarily Other: unknown
H nsNSAID 205–N/A Onset of systemic JIA Still present Permanently discontinued Other: systemic JIA
I nsNSAID 93–149 Right lower quadrant abdominal pain Resolved Stopped temporarily Other: unknown possible subclinical appendicitis but pathology negative
I Celecoxib 138–149 Phlegmon Resolved Stopped temporarily Other: postsurgical (appendectomy) complication
I Celecoxib 659–N/A Transformed migraine Still present Stopped temporarily Other illness: likely related to past medical history of migraines
J Celecoxib 82–246 Exacerbation of disease Resolved No action taken Disease under study
J Celecoxib 82–132 Fever Resolved No action taken Disease under study
K Off NSAID 69–N/A Primary sclerosing cholangitis Still present Permanently discontinued Other illness: primary sclerosing cholangitis
G Off NSAID 452–N/A Septic arthritis Still present No action taken Other illness: septic arthritis of unknown etiology
G Off NSAID 471–512 Acute tubular necrosis Resolved Permanently discontinued Other: vancomycin
L Off NSAID 424–429 Febrile neutropenia Resolved No action taken Other illness: infection questionable Rocky Mountain spotted fever
  1. aRelative to the start of treatment.
  2. Abbreviations: JIA Juvenile idiopathic arthritis, N/A Not available, nsNSAID Nonselective nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug.