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Table 6 Number and summary personal goals, formulated at the start of the online and face-to-face program

From: Feasibility of an online and a face-to-face version of a self-management program for young adults with a rheumatic disease: experiences of young adults and peer leaders

Personal goals* Online Face-to-face
Communication about the personal condition with family, friends, school, work 3 2
Handling tiredness, pain and feeling blue 2 3
Carrying responsibility in the personal treatment 1 -
Learn from and modeling with others who have the same problems 1 -
(Maintain) sports and exercises 2 1
Listing to the signals of the body 1 1
Getting support of others 2 1
Setting boundaries (regarding friends, activities) 1 2
Coping with the frustrations of having a chronic diseases 1 2
Getting to know other youngsters, share experiences and problems - 1
Anger management - 1
Feeling an outcast; handling and sharing tips and tricks - 1
  1. *Participants could formulate > one goal.