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Table 1 Parameters are scored for each involved anatomic site

From: Developing juvenile localized scleroderma (jLS) consensus treatment regimens for comparative effectiveness studies

Clinical Activity Parameters: Clinical Damage Parameters:
Scoring levels Scoring levels
Erthema: 0 to 3 Dermal atrophy: None, shiny, visible vessel, cliff-drop
Violaceous color: None, lilac ring, viol. Center Subcutaneous tissue atrophy: 0 to 3
Development in lesion size: Yes/no Hyperpigmentation: 0 to 3
Change in lesion size: Smaller, stable, larger Hypopigmentation: 0 to 3
Skin induration: lesion edge: 0 to 3 Skin thickness: lesion center: 0 to 3
Lesion warmth: Yes/no  
Distinct margin: None, erythematous, hyperpigmented margin