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Table 1

From: Prognostic value of histopathologic features with respect to disease course in children with juvenile dermatomyositis

Domain or VAS Weakness 1st visit Weakness 2 years Weakness final Disease type Treatment duration
Connective tissue fibrosis CC=0.4 CC=0.4 CC=0.4 CC=0.01 CC=0.1
  p=0.04 p=0.06 p=0.06 p=1 p=0.5
Muscle CC=0.2 CC=0.03 CC=0.06 CC=0.3 CC=0.3
  p=0.4 p=0.9 p=0.8 p=0.2 p=0.2
Inflammatory CC=03 CC=-0.1 CC=0.1 CC=0.2 CC=0.3
  p=0.2 p=0.7 p=0.6 p=0.4 p=0.2
Vascular CC=0.3 CC=0.1 CC=0.3 CC=0.2 CC=0.4
  p=0.1 p=0.5 p=0.2 p=0.4 p=0.1
Overall biopsy score (VAS) CC=0.2 CC=0,1 CC=0.2 CC=0.2 CC=0.02
  p=0.3 p=0.6 p=0.5 p=0.3 p=0.9
  CC=0.3 CC=0.3 CC=0.4 CC=0.1 CC=0.2
  p=0.1 p=0.1 p=0.07 p=0.7 p=0.3