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Table 4 Ranking of factors for defining incomplete MAS*

From: Algorithm development for corticosteroid management in systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis trial using consensus methodology

Finding Ranking (mean) Level Definition
CNS dysfunction N/A Major Present
Bleeding/easy bruising/purpura N/A Major Present
Ferritin 5.86 Minor >5000 ng/ml & increasing
Platelets 5.24 Minor <150,000/ml or < LLN for lab
PT (INR) 3.52 Minor >1.2
Fibrinogen 3.52 Minor <LLN
WBC 3.33 Minor <LLN
LFT’s 3.10 Minor >2 XN
d-dimer 3.10 Rejected  
  1. *1 major and 1 minor or 3 minor are required to meet criteria for diagnosis of incomplete MAS.
  2. LLN lower limit of normal; XN times normal.