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Table 2 Clinical features indicating active SJIA requiring initiation or increase of corticosteroids

From: Algorithm development for corticosteroid management in systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis trial using consensus methodology

  On Line Questionnaire Face-to-Face Conference
Consensus reached (%) Increase cortico-steroids? Consensus not reached Consensus*
Increase corticosteroids in the presence of     
Symptomatic pericarditis Yes Yes   Endorsed
Symptomatic myocarditis Yes Yes   Endorsed
Asymptomatic myocarditis (imaging only) Yes Yes   Endorsed
Symptomatic pleural effusion Yes Yes   Endorsed
Symptomatic pneumonitis Yes Yes   Endorsed
Fever for 6 of last 10 days Yes Yes   Changed to “No”
Fever for 8 of last 14 days Yes Yes   Changed to “No”
Anemia, Hgb <7 g/dl Yes Yes   Refined as “No” if ≥ 6.5 and asymptomatic
Anemia, Hgb 7–9 g/dl    X No if ≥ 6.5 g/dl and symptomatic
SJIA rash alone Yes No   Endorsed
Anorexia alone Yes No   Endorsed
Low albumin alone Yes No   Endorsed
Severe fatigue alone    X No
Weight loss alone    X No
Worsening synovitis* Not evaluated    No
  1. *Items from on-line questionnaire reaching consensus were reviewed and either endorsed or changed based on discussion during face-to-face consensus process.