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Table 1 International Study Group diagnostic (classification) criteria for Behcet's syndrome (1990)[2]

From: Asymptomatic giant coronary aneurysm in an adolescent with Behcet's syndrome

Recurrent oral ulceration Minor aphthous, major aphthous, or herpetiform ulceration observed by physician or patient recurring at least three times in one 12 month period
Plus two of the following  
Recurrent genital ulceration Aphthous ulceration or scarring, observed by physician or patient
Eye lesions Anterior uveitis, posterior uveitis, cells in the vitreous on slit-lamp examination; or retinal vasculitis observed by an ophthalmologist
Skin lesions Erythema nodosum observed by the physician or patient, pseudofolliculitis, papulopustular lesions or acneiform nodules observed by physician in post adolescent patients not on corticosteroid treatment
Pathergy Development of a papule or pustule 24-48 hours after intradermal injection of the skin with a 20 gauge needle.
Findings applicable only in the absence of other clinical explanations